Michal Bialek

Education and Work Experience:

I have graduated in Organizational Psychology with distinction at University of Lodz in 2006. Then I started my Ph.D. training in cognitive Psychology at University of Social Sciences and Humanities under the supervision of professor Tomasz Maruszewski.
Later I have moved to Institute of Psychology of Polish Academy of Sciences, and continued my Ph.D. training under the supervision of professor Maciej Haman (University of Warsaw). .
In 2009 I have been appointed by professor Tadeusz Tyszka in his Research Centre at Kozminski University.
In 2013 I have obtained my Ph.D. degree and moved to Plymouth (UK) for a 7-month long research stay under the supervision of professor Simon Handley, after which i came back to Kozminski University, taking the position of Assistant Professor.

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Psychological Academic Societies I'm a Member of:

  • Society for Judgment and Decision Making
  • Academic Society for Economic Psychology
  • Society for Justice Research