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Complete list of my papers


  1. Bialek, M., Domurat, A. (2018). Cognitive abilities, analytic cognitive style and overconfidence: a commentary on Duttle (2016). Bulletin of Economic Research. download pdf
  2. Bialek, M. (2017). Replications can cause distorted belief in scientific progress. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, in press.download pdf
  3. Bialek, M., Sawicki, P. (2018). Cognitive reflection effects on time discounting. Journal of Individual Differencess, in press. download pdf
  4. 2017

  5. Bialek, M., & Pennycook, G. (2017). The Cognitive Reflection Test is robust to multiple exposures. Behavior research methods, 1-7.download pdf
  6. Sawicki, P., & Bialek, M. (2017). Overlapping defaults. The case of intertemporal choices. Polish Psychological Bulletin, 48(4), 440-444.download pdf
  7. Bialek, M. (2017). Not that neglected! Base rates influence related and unrelated judgments. Acta Psychologica, 177, 10-16. download pdf
  8. Bialek, M., De Neys, W. (2017). Dual processes and moral conflict: Evidence for deontological reasoners intuitive utilitarian sensitivity. Hudgment and Decision Making, 12, 148-167.download pdf
  9. De Neys, W., Bialek, M. (2017). Intuition and reflection in moral judgment: A case for utilitarian intuitions? In B. Tremoliere & J. F. Bonnefon (Eds.), Moral Inferences. Hove, UK: Psychology Press.download pdf
  10. Bialek, M., Perkowska, A. (2017). Zwiazek wysilku fizycznego z odraczaniem wyplat finansowych. Psychologia Ekonomiczna, in press. download pdf
  11. Bialek, M. (2017). Mechanika moralnosci. Dylematy moralne i intuicyjne rozumienie dobra i zla. Czasopismo Psychologiczne - Psychological Journal. 23, 9-19. download pdf
  12. Muda, R., Niszczota, P., Bialek, M., Conway, P. (2017) Reading Dilemmas in a Foreign Language Reduces Both Deontological and Utilitarian Response Tendencies. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, advance online publication download pdf
  13. 2016

  14. Domurat, A., Bialek, M. (2016) Dowodzenie hipotez za pomoca czynnika bayesowskiego (Bayes Factor): przyklady uzycia w badaniach empirycznych. Decyzje 26, 1-12. download pdf
  15. Sawicki, P., Bialek, M. (2016)Side Effects in Time Discounting Procedures: Fixed Alternatives Become the Reference Point. PLoS ONE 11(10):e0165245. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0165245.download pdf
  16. Bialek, M., De Neys, W. (2016).Conflict detection during moral decision making: evidence for deontic reasoners’ utilitarian sensitivity. Journal of Cognitive Psychology 28, 631-639.download pdf
  17. Bialek, M., Terbeck, S. (2016).Can cognitive psychological research on reasoning enhance the discussion on moral judgements?. Cognitive Processing 17, 329-335.download pdf
  18. 2015

  19. Bialek, M. (2015).Przeglad badan wspolczesnej kognitywistyki nad efektem przekonan. Przeglad Filozoficzny. Nowa seria, 95, 91-107.download pdf
  20. Bialek, M., Domurat, A., (2015). Complaining Decreases the Efficiency of Dialogue as a Method of Social Influence. Management and Business Administration. Central Europe, 23, 32-48. download pdf
  21. Bialek, M., Markiewicz, L., & Sawicki, P. (2015). Introducing conjoint analysis method into delayed lotteries studies: Its validity and time stability are higher than in adjusting. Frontiers in Psychology, 6. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2015.00023 download pdf
  22. 2014

  23. Bialek, M., Zapadka, M., & Przymus, Z. (2014). System wartosci a spostrzeganie pieniadza. Psychologia Ekonomiczna, 6, 7-20.download pdf
  24. Bialek, M., & Sawicki, P. (2014). Can taking the perspective of an expert debias human decisions? The case for risky and delayed gains. Frontiers in Psychology, 5. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2014.00989 download pdf
  25. Bialek, M., Terbeck, S., & Handley, S. J. (2014). Cognitive Psychological Support for the ADC Model of Moral Judgment. AJOB Neuroscience, 5, 21-23. doi: 10.1080/21507740.2014.951790 download pdf
  26. 2013

  27. Bialek, M., & Handley, S. J. (2013). Overriding Moral Intuitions. Does It Make Us Immoral? Dual-Process Theory of Higher Cognition Account for Moral Reasoning. World Academy of Science, Engineering adn Technology, 7, 298-301. download pdf
  28. 2012

  29. Bialek, M. (2012). Czy sluchamy, gdy nas prosza?(Bez) refleksyjnossc w niekonwencjonalnych sytuacjach prosby. Management and Business Administration. Central Europe, 4, 46-59. 10.7206/mba.ce.2084-3356.22 download pdf
  30. Older work

  31. Bialek, M., Kulawik A., Jaskolowska A., Zukowska A. (2011) Wplyw autorytetu jako stresora na oslabienie funkcjonowania poznawczego. Przeglad Badan Edukacyjnych 13, 12-21.
  32. Bialek, M. (2010). Zwiazek cech analizowanych tresci z pojawiajacymi sie bledami rozumowania. Rocznik Kognitywistyczny(IV), 41-48.
  33. Bialek, M. (2008). Jezyk, logika a rozumowanie–teoria regul czy modele umyslowe?. Series Universiattis Lodziensis. Folia Psychologica, 12, 45-54.

Conferencess talks and posters


  • De Neys, W., Bialek M., Dual process and moral conflict. Talk given at 2nd International Convention of Psychological Science, Vienna, Austria
  • 2016

    • Sawicki, P., Markiewicz, L., & Bialek M., , Delay iscounting is not domain specific. Poster presented at Society of Judgment and Decision Making, Boston, USA
    • Bialek M., Sawicki, P., Cognitive reflection and asymmetry in time discounting: a query theory account. Poster presented at Society of Judgment and Decision Making, Boston, USA
    • Bialek M., Tyszka, T., Uncertainity of negative consequencess helps to solve moral dilemmas. Talk given at: 15th biennial conference of the International Society of Justice Research, Canterbury, UK
    • Bialek M., Tyszka, T., Uncertainity of negative consequencess helps to solve moral dilemmas. Poster presented at ECSB Conference, Warsaw


    • Bialek M., , Situations without exit - moral dilemmas. Invited talk given at: In Situation. A Conference in Memoriam of Tadeusz Tomaszewski, Warsaw
    • Bialek M., Tyszka, T., Moral Reasoning: Investigating the efects of placebic arguments. Talk given at SABE abd IAREP joint Conference, Sibiu, Romania
    • Bialek M., De Neys W., Intuitively utilitarian? A case of utilitarain intuition. Poster presented at 27th Annual Convention, Association for Psychological Science. NYC
    • Bialek M., Sawicki P. How does taking the perspective of an expert affect risky and delayed payoffs? Poster presented at International Convention of Psychological Science, Amsterdam,
    • Bialek M., Sawicki P., & Markiewicz L., Methods of mearuring the discounting. Poster presented at International convention of Psychological Science, Amsterdam
    • Kolodziej S., Bialek M. The effect of request justification on the level of engagement in pro-social behavior. Poster presented at XIV European Congress of Psychology, Milan


    • Bialek, M., Markiewicz, L., Sawicki P. Can adjusting approach lead to experimental artifacts? Talk given at 28th International Congress of Applied Psychology, Paris
    • Bialek, M., De Neys, W. Conflict detection in moral judgements. Talk given at Mindfields conference, Plymouth
    • Bialek, M., Markiewicz, L. The cognitive mechanism of moral judgments. Poster presented at 15th biennial conference of the International Society of Justice Research, NYC
    • Bialek, M., Sawicki, P. Beliefs regarding normative correctness and actions taken o n the example of intertemporal choices. Talk given at VIII Congress of Academic Society for Economic Psychology, Wroclaw
    • Bialek, M., Terbeck S. Cognitive mechanism of moral judgments. Poster presented at Jagiellonian-Rutgers joint Conference on Cognitive Science, Krakow



    Press and interviews